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Some notes in English

This is the german version of 'Wumpus Old Radio World". Since 2012 the old web site www.oldradioworld.de (online since 1996) will  not be updatet anymore. It is too much effort (lack of time) with the translation of more than 1300 pages! Sorry. On the old site you find many information in English!



finger.gifSmall consulation: Here the  translation of the menu structure of this site in English.




You'll  find here an huge Online-Museum of vintage and modern  radio sets and more, but only in German. There are stored approx 1000 exponats and more, all including with technical data and photos. Click on top of this page on 'Geräte':


Online museum: http://www.welt-der-alten-radios.de/geraete-3.html


Legend (translation) of the online museum menu topics :


Roehrenradios = tube radio sets

- 1944

1945 - 1960

1961 -

Transistorradios = transistor radio sets

- 1964

1965 - 1985

1986 -

Detektoren = crystal sets

Tonband / Audio = tape recordes / audio and phono and microphones, record players and so on.

Fernsehen / Video = tv sets / video recorders

Multimedia = multi media

Spass-Radios = Novelty radio sets

Messen = measuring instruments

Zubehör / Bauteile = devices / equipment / spare parts

Amateurfunk = Ham Radio

Diverses = Various


No set is for sale!


.... and more:


Translation Guide of English and German words relating to radio technology:




.... more:


The hugest list worldwide of tube testers?:




I will try to answer questions pertaining to German radio sets or German wireless. You can send me an email to: info@welt-der-alten-radios.de





Rainer Steinfuehr, Feldstr. 9, 13585 Berlin, Germany. email: info@welt-der-alten-radios.de




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